OGAE Switzerland – Estelle Valensuela



My name is Estelle Valensuela, and I am a French & Swiss singer-songwriter.

I have been living in Zurich for about 20 years and been singing professionally for a long time. In 2018 I released my debut album entitled Droit devant [Straight Ahead], fully “made in Switzerland”. On June 16, 2023 my second album Instants volés (Stolen Moments) came out.

More than ever a citizen of Switzerland, Europe and of the world, I speak French, German, English and Spanish. I am passionate about linguistic and cultural diversity. I am also a lover of words and sounds, regardless of the language.

Eurovision has always been a source of inspiration for me, a dream for a singer, the very stage where world cultures converge in music, and where incredible voices are revealed to honor their country.

The song I have selected is a reminder of the golden days of French pop music, supported by creative lyrics I fully identify with. That song is VOILÀ by Barbara Pravi. I hope to see you soon in Prague!

Meet Estelle Valensuela, the representative of OGAE Switzerland in FANvision 2023. Estelle won the Swiss preselection with a great choice of different songs, but Estelle was a clear favourite and can now be certain, that her fan club is backing her in Prague. Here are the results from the Swiss FANvision preselection:    • RESULTS SWISS PRE…   Estelle chose the beautiful ballad „Voilà“ from Barbara Pravi, runner-up in 2021. Estelle and her fan club really are passionate about the contest, so how are her winning chances ? Will we have a contest hosted in four languages next year in Switzerland ? Bonne chance, good luck, in bocca al lupo and hopp Schwiiz to Estelle and OGAE Switzerland !