OGAE Poland – Kisa Shiru



Kisa Shiru is an ad-hoc project formed within OGAE Poland by 28-year-old Hubert Jatkowski and 19-year-old Cyprian Potoczny, both of whom are known to the public of their domestic OGAE division as fairly recent contestants at the local Karaoke Contest.

Eurovision has been with Hubert since infancy as his mom would play Secret Garden’s Nocturne for him to have somewhat peaceful nights. Fast-forward to 2023 and Nocturne is Hubert’s all-time favorite to this day, but he himself is louder than ever! Apart from Eurovision, Hubert enjoys purchasing useless stuff online. He thinks excessive consumptionism will be the undoing of humanity, but that doesn’t bother him. „‚Tis good“ – he always says.

Cyprian’s Eurovision journey began in 2014 watching Polish performance in Copenhagen. After that, his love and passion to this contest grew a lot. His all-time favorite song is Loco Loco performed by Hurricane in 2021. Beside Eurovision, Cyprian is interested in learning languages. In the near future, he would love to produce his own songs.

Meet Kisa Shiru, the representatives of OGAE Poland in FANvision 2023. The duo was nominated by the Polish fan club and they will represent OGAE Poland with „Hatrið mun sigra“, the Icelandic entry of Hatari in 2019. Will Kisa Shiru bring the trophy from Praha, Czechia, to Praga, the city district in Warsaw, that can be seen in their presentation, and make it the first victory for their country in FANvision ? Powodzenia to Hubert and Cyprian !