OGAE Israel – Arel



I’m Arel from Israel. I’m a lover of quality music and a singer myself. I write and sing songs. Among other things, I really like the Eurovision and the trips there. Lover of nature trips/campings, to travel in the world and sports. Loves sea and snow. My dream has always been to be a superstar. That’s also why the song I chose called „Superboy“ (SUPERG!RL). I always tried to be that „something another“/unique, if it’s in life, music or anything. The connection to Eurovision started when I went to see it in the closed school’s felt shelter, and that’s how I found out it existed. In the same high school, I won the annual talent contest and performed in a variety of singing competitions and shows. Eurovision combines most of the musical genres at and that’s what’s special about it. The songs of the competition are heard and known all over the world, for many years and the main goal was initially to unite all the countries of Europe after the Second World War through music, and this is still the case today.

Meet Arel Greenberg, the representative of OGAE Israel in FANvision 2023. Arel was nominated by the Israeli fan club and he will represent OGAE Israel with „SUPERBØY“, his own version of „SUPERG!RL“, the entry of Stefania for Greece in 2020.