OGAE Ireland – Darragh Reck



Hello, my name is Darragh Reck, I am from Dublin, Ireland but grew up in county Wexford, down in the sunny south east. My interests in life include music, travelling & presenting. Alongside that I am also a singer songwriter and have even had one of my songs „Factory Hearts“ be part of the Lithuanian Eurovision selection in 2015. I have also worked as a music reviewer on RTÉ television in the past.

I love all things Eurovision and it has helped me so much in life to meet new friends, experience new locations and to find happiness when times were dark. My first Eurovision memory is when I was a child watching Gina G with my grandmother on television live at the Eurovision Song Contest 1996, I was obsessed with that song. I hope that one day I can be on the Eurovision stage either as a presenter or singer or songwriter (or maybe even all 3). I will never give up on my dreams.

Darragh was chosen by his fan club for their debut in FANvision, and he chose an Irish classic for representing his club and his country in Prague: „Terminal 3“ by Eurovision legend and winner Linda Martin. She herself wishes Darragh the best of luck, and so do we of course: Ádh mór ort, Darragh !