OGAE Germany – Elisario



My name is Elisabeth Sutrich, I was born in Vienna, Austria, and during the week I am working in my own Hairdressing Salon as a Stylist.
The first time I came in touch with Eurovision was in 1982 when Germany won- then I paused a few years but from 1986 till now I followed every Song and Show!!!
I am interested in Psychology and Philosophy, Music, Singing, Languages, Comedy and during the Pandemic I started singing regularly with Mario, so we formed the idea of singing together as a duet for our passion to Eurovision Songs!!!

I am Mario, together with Elisabeth we are Elisario. We started regular private sessions in 2020 as karaoke bars were closed. Before that I was part of the duet Renek & Mario Môrea since 2018. Since I can remember I love singing and I enjoy being on stage as presenter, singer and author. Additionally I organize the program of two adult education centers in Vienna and love to spend wonderful moments with my partner, friends and family. Eurovision entered my life in 1986 when 7-year-old Mario fell in love with „J’aime la vie“.

Meet Elisario, the representatives of OGAE Germany in FANvision 2023. The charming duo won the preselection „Unser Lied für Prage“ at the fan convention in Munich in March, and will represent OGAE Germany with the beautiful Croation entry from 2010 „Lako je sve“.