OGAE Austria – Christian Deussen



Hello, my name is Christian Deussen. I’m a Goldsmith and Singer from Munich, Germany.

I love giving emotions to people: with my handmade Jewelry, singing Gospelmusic and my own composed songs. Until now I released seven Songs of German Pop Music, which you can find on any popular streaming platforms 😉

My first ESC Memory is from 1988, my first live ESC was 2001 in Copenhagen. In 2008 I sent a song to the Preselection of San Marino and became third (in the internal selection).

Meet Christian Deußen, the representative of OGAE Austria in FANvision 2023. Christian won the „Fans-Sing-For-Fans-Contest“, the „forerunner“ of FANvision, already in 2014 with „Running“. Being the reigning king almost a decade ago, and with good result also in the fan contest in 2018 with „Frau’n regier’n die Welt“ he definitely knows how to enthuse both, the juries and the audience. He chose a song from the current year, „Watergun“ for his performance in Prague, a success for Remo Forrer in Eurovision this year.