Italy – Daniela Stefanelli



My name is Daniela, I’m 25 and I love singing, traveling and visiting art exhibitions. I joined the Eurovision Weekend Song Contest for the first time in 2016, I did not really know what to expect, but the result was amazing: great performers with great personalities coming together from all over the world, sharing the passion for music and Eurovision. It is like a big family gathering once a year to celebrate music and I think that is the magic of this initiative.
It has been 7 years now and many things have changed: right after the Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin I moved from my birthplace (Potenza) to Milan, where I am currently living and working in the videogame industry.

I left my family and friends, it was not very easy, but I knew that I would not lose the people whom I really care about. That is somehow what happened with my greatest friend and guitar player Stefano: we played together in Berlin and, regardless of any change in our lives, we’re coming back together in Prague, too!

Meet Daniela Stefanelli, the Italian representative in FANvision 2023. Daniela already came third in the contest in 2016, also together with Stefano de Canio and a beautiful ballad „Dio, come ti ami“. For this year they chose „Brividi“, last year’s Italian entry, and they will play an accoustic live version in Prague. So do Daniela and Stefano give you goosebumps ? In bocca al lupo for their performance in Prague !